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Independent Financial Advisors Specializing in Wealth Management, Retirement Planning and Investment Management

Gain From An Independent Perspective

At Golden Capital Management, an independently owned financial consulting firm, we have more than 30 years of experience providing dedicated support for our clients and community. Our small size coupled with our independence allows us to offer an objective approach as well as more personalized services to assist with your financial management and investment needs.

Our goal is to provide superior financial planning for all our clients and be the best comprehensive financial planning organization possible based on our commitment to client service, professional judgment, and the skills of those individuals affiliated with Golden Capital Management. 

Introduction to the Golden Capital Management Team!

Meet the team with over 50 years of combined experience in the financial planning industry and see how they can help you prepare for your best retirement!  

GCM Introductory Video by Lauren Wilgenbusch

13 Concerns of Wealth Management

Every client's financial evaluation, analysis and plan begins by addressing the following thirteen concerns. 

  • Investments
  • Liability Issues
  • Insurance Issues
  • Stock Option Issues
  • Durable Power of Attorney Issues
  • Titling of Assets
  • Choice of Executor/Trustees (Successor)
  • QRP/IRA Distribution Issues
  • Business Succession Plan Issues
  • Gifting During Life
  • Charitable Gifting During Life
  • Charitable Inclinations at Death
  • Distribution of Wealth at Death

These 13 concerns and other personal concerns will be reviewed throughout the life of the client's plan. Every client's personal situation is different, and we take pride in understanding our client's individual needs so we may apply our knowledge and expertise into designing the perfect financial plan.