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Schedule A Social Security Review Meeting Today!

Schedule A Social Security Review Meeting Today!

| September 20, 2019

Provided by Terry Garland and written by Indigo Marketing Agency, a non-affiliate of First Allied Securities, Inc.

Are you planning on Social Security making up a significant portion of your retirement income? If so, you’re in the same boat as 60% of American retirees. (1) With a program that impacts the lives and finances of so many, you would think people would be more prepared to claim their benefits, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Close to 63% of future retirees are not confident about how the program works, and 88% don’t know how benefits are calculated or how to maximize their Social Security payments. (2)

Even though the Social Security process can seem intimidating, the truth is that not having a complete picture of the system and how your benefits work could be financially devastating. If you’ve ever tried to understand Social Security or navigate the system on your own and found yourself confused, you are the perfect candidate for a Social Security review. 

Why You Need A Social Security Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all claiming strategy for Social Security. In fact, the Social Security Administration provides you with 567 ways to claim Social Security benefits (3) and the Social Security Handbook has 2,728 separate rules governing your benefits. (4) That means there are several factors that play a role in the amount of benefits you receive and the ideal date for you to start claiming those benefits, including your health status, life expectancy, need for income, whether or not you plan to continue working, and how concerned you are about running out of money. 

While having a strategy for when to begin Social Security benefits is important, it is also critical to analyze your Social Security benefits in conjunction with all of your retirement assets. Incorporating your benefits into an overall retirement income plan may make a world of difference in the amount of income available to you in retirement.  

What To Expect

In our Social Security Review meeting, we’ll help you wade through the overwhelming number of Social Security options and discuss a few questions, including:

  • How do I decide when to start collecting? Does it pay to wait to collect my benefits until I reach full retirement age?
  • Should I delay claiming to get a larger payment?
  • How are my benefits calculated? 
  • How should I plan to maximize my total lifetime benefits?
  • Should my spouse and I coordinate to maximize our total benefits?
  • Can I work while collecting Social Security? If so, what are the limitations?

Our goal at Golden Capital Management is to support you as you make critical retirement decisions, helping you work toward financial independence sooner and with less potential risk. We’re here to answer your questions and to make sure you receive every penny that’s rightfully yours. We’d love to offer you a Social Security review meeting to help you navigate and most effectively use your benefits before and during your retirement. Call us today at (515) 226-0115 or email to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to also take a look at our 2019 Social Security Benefits Guide

About Terry

Terry Garland is the founder and CEO of Golden Capital Management with more than 25 years of industry experience. He works with individuals, small-to-medium-sized businesses, and medical professionals, including physicians and dentists, allowing them access to a wide variety of specialized services and investment vehicles to fit their specific needs. He graduated from Drake University and attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is a certified wealth strategist and a registered principal. With offices in Des Moines, Iowa, and Carlsbad, California, he serves clients across the country. Learn more by connecting with Terry on LinkedIn.




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